How can I find out more?

If your questions haven’t been answered in this section and you need to find out more, please email admin@weiparunningfestival.org.au or contact us if you are interested in helping in anyway. We’d love to have you as part of the volunteer team. Please email volunteers@weiparunningfestival.org.au.

Can I volunteer at the event?

Yes please. We need people to man the drink stations, help with set up/pull down, registration, timing and at the recording tent. Please register your interest on the Volunteer’s sections of our website.

Do any local charities benefit from the race?

Yes. Royal Flying Doctors and local community groups who choose to participate in the finish line market day festivities.

What time does the event finish?

Approximately 11am.

Are there any food vendors?

Yes, there will be water and fruit for all registered finishers. Coffee van, and local community groups will be selling food from 7am-10:30am.

What prizes are up for grabs?

All competitors in the 42.2km, 21.8km, 10km and 5km races receive a finisher’s medal. Male and female winners in the 42.2km, 21.1km, 10km and 5km races will be awarded novelty trophies. Prize-giving is at approximately 10.00am. Age category winners will be presented at the after celebrations at the Carpentaria Golf Club, 3:30pm.

What do I do when I finish?

When you cross the finish line you will be given a finish tag with your finish position. Remain in the funnel and proceed immediately to the recording desk and hand in the tag. The volunteers will also need to scan your face number. Then enjoy the company of other competitors. The Fun Run is not a timed event. Results will be published on the Weipa Running Festival Website.

Can I ride my bike, scooter or skateboard alongside my friend who is running?

No, it is not safe for the runners to have these on the course.

Can I run with a dog?


Can I run with a pram?

It is free to register a child in a pram, however, we only allow prams in the 2.5km fun run/walk and 5km. You are required to start at the back of the field for the safety of the child as well as the other participants. The child must be registered for the event.

Where will the first-aid stations be located?

There is basic first-aid available at the start/finish area and at drink stations along the course. If you don’t feel well, or hurt yourself during the race, report to the marshals on the course or at the finish line, or ask another competitor for help.

Where are the drink stations along the course?

Water will be available at the start/finish and approximately every 4km along the each course. Plus additional public water taps at toilet locations and pathways.

What happens if it’s raining?

We are in tropics! The event will only be cancelled if there are severe weather conditions such as flash flooding, thunder and lightning, strong winds or other unforeseen problems with the course. The event organiser and/or Weipa Running Festival reserve the right to cancel the event at short notice depending on race conditions. As per our waiver, no refunds will be offered if the event is cancelled as a result of conditions out of the control of the event organiser and/or Weipa Running Festival.


Port-a-loos at start/finish, Mission River Bridge, Weipa Cricket Oval Rocky Point,, Weipa Camp Grounds, Lake Patricia BBQ Area,

Is there somewhere to leave my gear?

Bags can be left, at your own risk, at the recording desk. Please do not leave valuables in bags as this area is not secure.

What roads will be closed?

Only McLeod Drive will be closed for the final stretch off all races.

Can I dress up in a costume?

Of course! The more fun you have at the event the better, so feel free to dress up in your favourite running gear, all-weather make-up and even a tiara and tutu. Or choose to wear your tailor-made Weipa Running Festival singlet. Consider the weather and that it gets hot, so dress sensibly!

How can we register as a team or family?

Teams can register into the 42km and the 21.8km with a maximum of 2 participants, an adult and child over 10 years can also enter into the 10km event!

Children under the age of 12 in the 10km and the 5km race must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who are also officially registered into the same distance. The adult registers both competitors under one registration.

The Marathon and Half Marathon TEAMS need to submit a team name and nominate a team captain. Teams consist of two competitors covering half of each race, with the change happening at the half way point for each race.

Can I get a refund/Can I transfer my registration to another person? I am injured/sick/etc. and cannot run.

We appreciate that circumstances arise where you may no longer be able to participate in the event. Your registration is not transferable to other people nor can you hold it over to the next year’s event. A request for refund of the registration fee must be submitted to Weipa Running Festival at least one month prior to race day. A 10% administration fee applies to all refunds. PLEASE cancel your registration or inform the race director if you can no longer compete.

Can I change and do another event once I’ve registered?

Yes, as long as you pay the difference in price for any upgrade. Please note, we do not refund for the difference in price if you downgrade in distance. You will not receive a personalised race bib if this change is done after 6th July 2019.

Do I have to register my child if they are in a pram (5km and Fun Run only)?

Yes. For insurance purposes, all participants’ details must be recorded. There is no charge for a child in a pram.

Do I have to enter online?

Marathon and Half Marathon entries are processed online ONLY as this enables us to manage all aspects of the event accurately. Cut off for online entries are 11.59pm, 19th July 2019. Online entries for the 10km, 5km and fun run/walk are also online. Payment is via credit card, debit card or PayPal. You can enter for the 10km, 5km or Fun Run/Walk on Saturday at the race bag pick up locations (cut off is 12.00pm). Bring the correct amount to pay as we do not provide change. Fun Run/Walk participants can register on Sunday prior to 7.45am.

What does my entry fee pay for?

Please refer to the event information page.

How much does it cost to participate and what are the cut-off dates?

Race fees can be viewed on the individual events pages.

Where can I stay?

Refer to accommodation section of our website.

What is the terrain like?

Flat, dirt roads, dirt tracks, shared bitumen and concrete footpaths, hard beach sand.

What training do I need?

It is recommended that you follow a training program for at least 8-12 weeks to prepare for the event. Take advantage of the group training on offer for the event.

Is there a cut off time?

All competitors will be allowed to finish the race in their own time – within reason. Race officials can, and will withdraw competitors from the course if required.

Who can participate?

Anyone is welcome to participate if they want to run or walk. For the safety of the walkers will be directed to start behind the runners.

Is there mandatory gear?

Yes. All competitors must wear the race bib they are assigned. Marathon and Half Marathon competitors must carry at a water container (bottle, hydration pack) capable of holding at least 1L of water; headlamp, a whistle and 2 compression bandages.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. Marathon and Half Marathon races –18 years or older on race day. Under 18yrs upon application for the half marathon only. Minimum age for the 10km and 5km is 12 years. However we will allow those aged 10-11 (for the 10km) and 6-11 (for the 5km) to participate as long as they have a parent/guardian with them AT ALL TIMES. The parent/guardian must also be registered for the race. You need to request special permission if your child is younger than the ages stipulated. Please contact Weipa Running Festival at least three weeks before the event. Due to safety concerns scooters, bicycles, rollerblades and animals are not allowed.

Where and when is the event held?

The start/finish line is located at Andoom Oval, 25th July 2021 with a staggered start from 5.00am. There is street parking available.