The 5km race is child and pram friendly, through shady paths and local attractions its aimed at getting the whole family involved.


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[td1] Distance[/td1] [td2] 5km [/td2]

[td1] Date[/td1] [td2] 25th July 2021 [/td2]

[td1] Start Time[/td1] [td2] 7.30am [/td2]

[td1] Briefing[/td1] [td2] 7.15am [/td2]

[td1] Event Cost [/td1] [td2] $30.00 [/td2]

[td1] [/td1] [td2] Virtual $40.00 [/td2]

[td1] Cut Off Time[/td1] [td2] All competitors will be allowed to finish the race in their own time – within reason. Race officials can and will withdraw competitors from the course if required. [/td2]

[td1] Age Restrictions[/td1] [td2] Minimum 6 Years –  An adult (parent or guardian) must register juniors aged 10-17. Competitors under 13yrs old to be accompanied on the course at all times by an adult, time penalties / disqualification apply should this not be adhered to. [/td2]

[td1] Age Categories[/td1] [td2]

  • 6-9
  • 10-12
  • 13-15
  • 16-17
  • 18-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70 +


[td1] Winners Prizes[/td1] [td2]

  • 1st Male / 1st Female
  • 2nd Male / 2nd Female
  • 3rd Male / 3rd Female


[td1] Finishers Reward[/td1] [td2] Medal [/td2]

[td1] Online Registration[/td1] [td2] Closes 11:59pm Friday 23rd July 2021 [/td2]


[td1] In Person Registration and collection of pack[/td1] [td2] In person registrations for the 10km, 5km and Fun Run races only must be made by 12pm (CASH ONLY FACILITIES) on Saturday 24th July 2021. [/td2]